Kangaroo Point, QLD



Purpose of Purchase: Investment

Property Type: House

Key Criteria:

  1. Ability to generate equity in the near future, tax offsets

Client Outcome

Key Positives:

  • Backing onto the park
  • Two outdoor areas
  • 4 bedrooms plus a study
  • Surrounded by renovated properties
  • Close proximity to hospitals
  • New development in near vicinity promoting further retail

A Successful Investment:

This client is an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon based at the Gold Coast and was extremely time poor. They were beginning their investment journey and this was their first investment that will be used in the future, to leverage into multiple investments.

Being the first investment in their acquisition phase the property needed to be unique and in high demand to ensure equity could be pulled from the property within 12-18 months for the next acquisition. The property was secured $20,000 below market value and being so unique & in such an exclusive pocket, will provide strong capital growth in the Brisbane market. The property provides over $10,000 in depreciation in the first year and this coupled with the saving from market value on acquisition, the clients are extremely happy.

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Kangaroo Point, Brisbane