Residential Investment

Property is a powerful asset class to build wealth when executed correctly.

The pillars of our Property Advice Model are simple and transparent;

About PMC



We conduct macro to micro Research to identify suitable markets



We utilise our proprietary investment grading system to assess suitable assets within these markets



We complete thorough due diligence on properties to ensure risks are mitigated and these assets are suitable for our client’s unique requirements



We deploy a strategic negotiation framework to ensure our clients secure these assets at a predetermined price that we believe represents excellent market value

Every individual or family has a different wealth creation goal. These goals are then assessed against a client’s risk profile, investment term, yield requirement and existing asset position. Before we enter a discussion around a specific property, it is imperative that from the outset these key foundations are discussed via our stringent advice model so we can advise the best plan. This process is undertaken in conjunction with our client’s team of trusted and qualified advisors.

Independence and experience are critical to a successful partnership

When seeking investment advice and assistance, independence and experience are critical to a successful partnership. Sadly, the process of identifying those who are truly independent or those who claim to be independent, when in fact they are not, can be challenging. Too often we witness investors getting taken advantage of by project marketers who refer to themselves as Property Advisors, constantly encouraged to buy off the plan units, house and land packages in remote areas or high yielding assets with legislative risk etc.

If you are not paying your Property Advisor or “Buyers Agent” for their service, then who is and where do their interests lie? You have the right to enquire. Until the real estate industry goes through a significant review process, we will continue to see investors being taken advantage of.

Never has there been a time where the need for independent, uncompromised advice for property investors been so important. Investors deserve to enter into a property transaction with open eyes. Our responsibility is to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the process while designing a strategy that meets your unique wealth creation goals.

At PMC Property, we have a strict investment grading process we adhere to and we don’t waiver from these principles.

We are not constrained to one or two markets and we assist clients with building well-balanced property portfolios across the Australian residential and commercial markets.

Please make contact with our team to discuss your specific investment goals and how we can be of assistance to you with building your property portfolio.

We make buying property an enjoyable & rewarding experience

Let our professional team of Buyer's Agents and Property Investment Advisors go on the journey with you.