At PMC we look at property from a different aspect...

We act exclusively for you, the buyer

We partner with our clients for the long term

ARE you considering buying your new home or investment property?

Have An Independent Buyers Agent On Your Side

Our Buyers Agent services can help you cut through the overload of market information to ensure you make a sound purchase decision that has a great impact on your financial position and lifetime goals. We act for you throughout the buying and contract process to ensure that you secure a property that meets your goals; not settling for second best.

We have purchased Homes and Investment properties for our clients across a number of markets ranging from Sydney and Newcastle in NSW and up to Brisbane and out to Toowoomba in QLD. We are well-versed in our target buying markets and continue to review markets nationally to ensure our clients have the best chance of building a well-balanced property portfolio. Every market has its own unique cycle (and is governed with different laws and regulations state-to-state), so having a local Buyers Agent and Property Advisor on your side gives you the best chance of securing your dream home or for the future performance of your property portfolio.

Buying property should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Let our buyers agents go on the journey with you.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you to achieve your property goals.