With an experienced Buyers Agent and Property Advisor based locally in Toowoomba, we are well positioned to offer our clients independent Buying Advice. We first started buying in Toowoomba in 2013 and since then have secured a number of excellent outcomes for our clients, both Investors and local Home Buyers. We specialise within a 3km radius of the Toowoomba CBD. From the inner city suburbs of East Toowoomba, up to North Toowoomba and down to Centenary Heights. Local market knowledge is important in Toowoomba as buyers need to be cautious with outer areas that will be affected by future supply and ensure and varying demographic profiles throughout Toowoomba.

Why Toowoomba?

Toowoomba is Australia’s largest inland city behind Canberra with a diverse range of industry. It is located within 1.25 hours drive of Brisbane CBD and is known as the “Gateway to the Darling Downs” being the major agriculture centre of south-east Queensland.


Europeans began settling in Toowoomba around 1816 onwards and by the end of the 1840’s it was being used for farming and agricultural purposes. It was connected to the telecommunication world in 1862 and over the years has continued to see further and further development including the construction of the commercial airport was built in 2014.


Toowoomba’s climate is a little bit less humid than Brisbane however tends to have an extra degree or two in the summer but a few degrees lower throughout Winter.

Major Events

The major event annually in Toowoomba is the Carnival of Flowers which attracts gardeners from right across south east Queensland and northern NSW.

Summer Tunes festival runs for January and February providing live music in local parkland on weekends.

Local Economy & Major Employment Industries

Toowoomba has traditionally been known as an agricultural city however over the past 10 years, employment conditions have changed. Health Care and Social Assistance are the major employers in Toowoomba which is not surprising as it is the hospital gateway for the Darling Downs region. Education and Construction are the other two major employment industries with agriculture coming in at the 6th largest industry of local employment. As the local economy continues to grow as well as the airport expansion to international flights, we expect to see more employment in the retail and customer services industries.

Estimated Population

Toowoomba’s population is estimated to be around 165,000 and is expected to grow to approximately 205,000 by 2036.


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