Who is your personal property consultant?


Property Consultancy

At PMC, we are your personal property consultant; someone who partners with you for the life of any property you own, and can assist you with advice on strategy, portfolio management, renovations, and decisions that may not affect just one property but your financial position and your greater portfolio.

Some of the Property Consultancy services that we offer are:

  • Annual portfolio reviews – An updated market value of your property including commentary on ways to increase the capital value or rental income.
  • Project Management – This service can range from the initial concept, through to the complete management of renovations or small developments.
  • Pre-Purchase Property Assessments – If you are purchasing a property, we can complete an assessment and provide recommendations on price, pros and cons, ways to add value and general commentary about the area and surrounding properties.
  • Advice & Ongoing SupportWe can advise on timing for sale, next purchase, renovations, general portfolio advice or be a sounding board for any queries or thoughts you have in relation to your property portfolio.


Partner with a property consultant who considers your portfolio holistically; rather than focusing on a single transaction.

Long term success is dependent on quality advice & informed decisions.

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