North Lakes, QLD



Purpose of Purchase: Investment

Property Type: Commercial

Key Criteria:

  1. Net return in excess of 7%
  2. Primary focus is purely the cashflow of the property and then secondly that it would be easily re-let in the future if the tenants ever vacated

Client Outcome

PMCKey Positives:

  • Building is only 2 years old
  • Tenant on a 7 year lease with 5 years still to run and 2 x 7 year options.
  • Exposure to main thoroughfare road
  • Tenant growth has been substantial over past 2 years
  • Tenants pay ALL outgoings including taxes and body corporate

A Successful Investment:

Due to the clients budget, it was going to be difficult to get a National or A-grade tenant. The client was aware of this and was happy to consider properties with B-grade tenants. We managed to secure a property in a rapidly growing area of Brisbane in North Lakes with a tenant in place for 7 years. Due to the fact that the tenant is B-grade, we were able to secure the property with a NET return of 8.66%.

This is an excellent result and with the building only being 2 years old, there is excellent depreciation benefits for our clients as well. They are very happy with the result and are looking to purchase another 2 commercial properties in the next few years.

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North Lakes, QLD