North Lakes, QLD



Purpose of Purchase: Home Buyer

Property Type: House 

Client Outcome

   How this purchase met the client’s brief:

  • Renovated/Modern
  • Outdoor areas/good sized yard
  • Quiet area

A Beautiful Home:

Two doctors, one working at the Sunshine Coast and the other working in Brisbane, they were now having to live in two separate locations. They were seeking a mid-way point to buy a home to live in and North Lakes was their selected area. Not familiar with the area, they engaged PMC. As they were buying to live in for approximately 3-4 years then sell again, it was imperative to secure the property at a great price so when they sold in a few years they would still be ahead. We found and secured the property for $25,000 cheaper than an identical home on half the size land that had sold around the corner 2 months earlier due to taking advantage of the vendors situation being an ugly divorce.

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