Neutral Bay, NSW


Living in Brisbane, we couldn’t have bought an apartment like we did in Sydney without the help of PMC. Andy at PMC tirelessly scoured our target areas to find suitable apartments for us, many not yet on the market. He attended open days for us, sent us video of his inspections, and sounded out realistic price expectations for us. He worked tirelessly, was always available, and never became discouraged when we said “not this one, keep looking!”. With the help of Matt, they refined our brief and tested the compromises we would have to make to stay within budget. They seemed so well in tune with what we were after. Their experience was invaluable in determining which properties would make both good investments AND suit the lifestyle we were seeking. Finally, they found an apartment that exceeded our brief but was still within budget, and facing three competitors at an on-line auction, Will and Andy strategically prepared and placed bids so that we finished on top and closed the deal at a great price. I have no hesitation in recommending PMC and its wonderful staff if you need support to find just the right place. They take all the hassle out of the process!

Rowan G.

Client Outcome

How this purchase met the client’s brief:

  • Quiet location
  • Harbour views
  • Potential to renovate and make it their own
  • Lots of natural light


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Mosman, NSW