Cremorne, NSW



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After spending some time searching via selling agents, online and viewing properties on my own, puzzling over how the price guides didn’t always reflect the final selling prices, and hearing that many sales occur off market anyway, I eventually decided to try getting some expert help. Enter Andy of PMC who immediately put me at ease and went to work to help me hone in on what exactly I was looking for, reassured me that what I wanted was achievable, and was immediately able to tell me about a pre-market property which seemed like a great fit. He then quickly set up a private viewing, accompanied me to make his own objective assessment to make sure I didn’t overlook anything, and when I felt it was indeed a great fit, he called in another colleague to view it on the very same afternoon to give us a third objective, expert opinion. They then advised on a bidding strategy which Andy undertook that very day, and in fact continued tirelessly and attentively over a whole long weekend (!) to negotiate with an indecisive seller to reach a final price which I was happy with, followed by a quick exchange of contract, without the property ever going to market. So although for such an amazingly short time, PMC has been worth every cent not only in terms of negotiating likely a better price than I could have done myself, but also in the time, energy and stress that this has saved me. Frankly I’m surprised that more people don’t engage buyer’s agents – the benefit of doing so is so clear. Thanks Andy and team for the excellent work you did on my behalf.

Graham D.