Expats Buying Property

Buying Assistance

Being located outside of Australia presents various challenges when you decide to purchase a property back home. Our job is to be your eyes and ears on the ground, completing all of the leg work that is required to make sure the price, and the process of purchasing your next home or investment is a successful one.

Expatriate – Home Buyers

We understand the importance of securing the right property that ticks all of the boxes for your future home. We endeavour to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the attributes you desire for your home whilst also providing you with advice on the key attributes of an area or property;

  • School catchment zones
  • Transport hubs
  • Local infrastructure planning
  • Local employment
  • Cafés and entertainment

Expatriate – Investors

It is our job to research, identify and negotiate the best possible investment grade property within your budget to assist with securing your financial goals. Our due diligence reports are designed for those who are not able to physically inspect the property and include; floor plans, photos, comparable sales evidence and detailed analysis of the property’s condition. We will also advise you on;

  • Areas to target based on current growth cycles and market conditions
  • Population growth projections, employment and current vacancy rates
  • Pockets within our target suburbs that are primarily owner occupied
  • A suitable asset that we determine to be investment grade

We are your Project Manager

Not only do we conduct all of the direct property related searches, inspections and due diligence on your behalf, but importantly we manage the entire buying and contract process including liaising with your advisors (accountants, banks/finance brokers, solicitors). We see this as a Project Management role ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for you, whilst you are outside of the country.


Working with Qualified Professional Advisors

We are also fortunate that we have worked with a number of licensed financial advisors, finance brokers and accountants that specialise in working with expats. Due to these relationships, we are able to refer clients onto qualified professionals to ensure that you get the right advice for a successful purchase.

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