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Why Seventeen Mile Rocks?

Seventeen Mile Rocks is a south-western suburb of Brisbane located approximately 11 radial kilometres from the CBD.  The suburb started life as an industrial hub, but has transitioned over the years to be primarily residential, with industrial employment zones now only remaining in the low-laying northern and southern parts of the suburb.  Large amounts of the residential pockets in the suburb are nicely elevated, with many homes capturing pleasant suburban outlooks and green vistas.

There are large portions of green reserve surrounding and interwoven throughout the suburb, providing plenty of parkland and open space for residents to enjoy.  A major attraction is the Rocks Riverside Park, which is one of the largest riverside parks in Brisbane.  It is a popular destination for families with young children who come to enjoy the variety of play equipment, water park zone, flying fox and bbq facilities.


According to recent census data, the most prominent household composition in Seventeen Mile Rocks are 40 – 59 year old couples. Many of these families have older children who are becoming more independent or have already moved out of home.  As there are limited options for schooling in the suburb itself, the percentage of families with younger children tends to be less.  Over 90% of residential properties in the suburb are traditional detached homes

Health, Education and Schooling

While there are no schools in Seventeen Mile Rocks itself, nearby primary schools are Corinda State School and Jindalee State School.  The closest secondary schools are Corinda State High School and Centenary State High School.  There are medical centres located nearby in Oxley, Jindalee and Sinnamon Park.




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Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD