Coorparoo QLD 4151

Why Coorparoo?

Coorparoo is located approximately 7km from Brisbane CBD by road and is quite a large suburb home to almost 6,500 residences. Coorparoo has a large number of parks and has a number of distinct pockets that have quite a fluctuation in price and appeal.

Coorparoo is well known for Coorparoo Square, a major development 2017-2019 which has the Dendy Cinemas, cafes, laneways and high rise apartments with Woolworths and Aldi located in the centre. Coorparoo has a small commercial precinct on Old Cleveland Rd and has quite a mix of housing. Freestanding houses comprise approximately 50% of the suburb with the balance a mix of units and townhouses.
Coorparoo is in demand for the proximity to the CBD, easy access to bus and train transport and the abundance of character housing.

Coorparoo has been a gentrifying suburb since the early 2000’s and with some pockets being home to properties worth in excess of $2,500,000, it’s not hard to see why Coorparoo is an in demand suburb. Being a specialist Coorparoo Buyers Agent, we inspect multiple houses weekly and have a very good understanding of the values, the pockets and the differing appeal, and the intricacies of the roads to get in and out of the city.


Coorparoo has a constantly changing demographic, however, families and single parents have almost always comprised more than 50% of the suburbs population. With the re-zoning near Old Cleveland Rd to permit higher density, this may continue to change as more units are built meaning more couples and young professionals moving to the area. However, with almost 3000 character homes in the suburb, families will continue to flock to the area.

Health, Education and Schooling

Coorparoo is within 10-15 minutes drive from a number of hospitals including Royal Childrens, Mater Private, PA Hospital and Greenslopes Private. Schooling is prevalent and with Coorparoo State School and Coorparoo Secondary College both having a strong reputation, people are buying here for the convenience of quality schools. There are a number of nearby private schools including Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) and Villanova College just to name a few.

Overall Coorparoo is a very well connected suburb and if you’re considering buying, with different zoning, over 8 different pockets with varying pricing, and a number of good and not so good real estate agents in the area, using a specialist Coorparoo buyers agent will definitely assist you in navigating your way through the suburb.

Buyers Agent Coorparoo

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Coorparoo QLD 4151