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What is the biggest mistake people make when buying an investment property? And how do I pick the right property and market to buy in?

If you are considering purchasing an investment property, there is one frequent mistake you need to avoid and that is buying property for TODAY. Investors who don’t look into the future and seek guidance on market trends and property valuation predictions often lose out on their investment. read more

Property can be an excellent asset class to build wealth when you harness the power of leverage and compound growth. In order to maximise your returns it is critical that you secure the right investment grade asset to ensure that your capital is working hard for you over the life of your portfolio.

What we don’t do…

  • We don’t act for any developers (we don’t have a stock list)
  • We don’t receive commissions or kickbacks from third parties
  • We don’t buy house and land packages or off the plan units purely based on a cashflow forecasts

What we analyse and consider when searching for your next property investment;

  • Property cycles and their timing
  • Key infrastructure projects
  • Population growth and projections
  • Demographic shifts and trends
  • Key employment statistics and income growth

With a comprehensive analysis of your chosen property and the specific market conditions, we’re able to ascertain the best course of action so you can get the best long term results.

What we do…

  • We begin with the end in mind
  • We listen and understand exactly what you want to achieve
  • We create a unique brief that includes the attributes of the properties we are searching for that is tailored to your personal situation
  • We execute this buyers brief and keep you updated throughout the entire negotiation, due diligence and contract process
  • We provide ongoing investment advice and annual reviews to maximise the potential returns from your investment portfolio

Investment Grading Process

Every property that we present to a client must go through a strict investment grading checklist to make sure that it qualifies as an investment grade asset.

We take pride in our company motto:

“we only present a property to a client that we would buy in our own portfolio”

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