Lake Macquarie, NSW



I am so grateful to PMC for your efficient and professional help. When I went to pick up the keys from the vendor’s agent, Colliers, they told me how much they liked working with Karen & how good she was to work with. I can only add my words to this. I found Karen thorough.  She stayed on the job for us, even when things were difficult at our end, and she was sensitive to our difficult situation at the time.

So well done to PMC.. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who comes across my path who could benefit from your services.




Purpose of Purchase: Business Premises Owner Occupier

Property Type: Commercial

Key Criteria:

  1. Location close to residential area
  2. Minimal work required
  3. Storage and parking

Client Outcome

Key Positives:

  • Well presented property
  • Location – less than 1km from the Lake Macquarie foreshore
  • Plenty of storage and parking

A Successful Investment:

The clients were seeking to re-locate their business premises from an outer regional location closer to the city. The property was originally designed as a medical facility, and as such has a reception area, separate rooms for use as offices and storage rooms and common areas with kitchen and dining facilities. There is also multiple parking places at the rear of the building.

It is located in an area zoned for both light commercial and residential use, in a quiet location close to Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle. It had been renovated and extended in recent years, and required very little modification to suit the needs of the business.

Whilst initially outside their original budget, the attraction of being able to move in almost immediately after purchase with little to spend on fit out was a driving factor in the purchase. The clients have secured a well presented new business premises in a quiet suburban location which will reflect their standing in their community.


Lake Macquarie, NSW