Queenscliff, NSW


I worked with PMC for a year and gained the mantle of their longest client, which is funny because I only bought a one bedroom apartment.

I had a tight budget and didn’t think I could afford a buyer’s agent. I also wasn’t sure I needed one because I’m a real estate lawyer. After a selling agent recommended Matt to me, I decided to have a chat to him to see if and how he could help with my search. I was a first time buyer buying in an area I hadn’t previously lived in, so I didn’t know the market. Matt told me what areas I could and could not afford – he’s direct and will tell you how it is, which I appreciate. At the time, I didn’t appreciate how much value they’d bring to the table. Not only do they do all the heavy lifting on filtering, so you don’t waste time looking at dud properties, they also do due diligence for you, negotiate the purchase price and give you emotional support along the journey. Matt has worked as a mortgage broker, selling agent and now buyers agent – he’s knows the industry and NB market inside out. I worked with him and the amazing Brooke for a year and ended up finding my dream apartment. The fact it took a year to find is no reflection on them – there was low stock and I knew I wanted to wait for the right place. I ended up buying off market. There is a zero per cent chance I’d have got the apartment without working with PMC. Importantly, they never pressured me to buy something that didn’t feel right.

I think it’s fair to say that the property I bought is at the lower end of the value spectrum of what PMC deal with. I never felt that for a second in terms of the service they provide. I was so impressed with the team – they are great at what they do and lovely people as well. Working with a buyer’s agent can be an intimate experience – you’re talking about your finances and how you like to live. By the end of the search, Brooke knew me so well, she’d know exactly what I’d say about a property. Her relentless enthusiasm that she’d find me something great kept me going when I got fed up with the market. For me it was important to work with a trusted advisor and someone I liked. I’m glad the search is over but I will miss talking to Matt and Brooke each week.

There is a reason PMC have so many 5 star reviews – they are a stellar team and the service they provide is first rate. I can’t believe now that I ever considered buying a property without their help.

Kerry M.


How this purchase met the client’s brief:

  • Walking distance to the beach
  • Natural light throghout
  • Fresh interiors throughout ready to move into
  • District views from the balcony 


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